If you seek a more natural look, gravel and stone are more organic alternatives to pavers. They are durable enough to cover paths and driveways, as well as land you don’t plan to cultivate. At the same time, they deter pests, they’re easy to maintain, and they allow for drainage to prevent dangerous or unsanitary puddles.

Aesthetically, they also serve as beautiful transitions from your house to your yard. With the flexibility of gravel and stone, you can control the laying pattern. For example, create your own winding pathway between flower beds, surround your pond with riverstone, or build a rustic driveway up to your home. Our Crushed stone is more conducive to walkways, while larger stones make beautiful borders around ponds. Whatever your project might entail, our team of experts work with you to determine the correct type, size, and amount size of gravel, stone and sand you will need.

Please be aware when product is delivered sometimes the colors are not as prevalent because coming from our yard or quarry maybe dusty, please hose off.

Explore some of our options below:

Rustic Red Stone:

  • Sizes: ⅜”, ¾”

Delaware River Stone:

  • Sizes: ⅜”, ¾” 1-1 ½”, 1-3”
  • Jac Pac Delaware River Boulder Sizes: 3-5″, 5-8″, 8-12″, 12-24″

Sunset Pebbles / Goose Eggs: 

  • Sizes: ⅜”, ⅝”, ¾” 1-1 ½”, 2-4”

Pink Carnation: Stone with hues of lavender and pink, perfect to contrast with the earthy tones.

  • Sizes: ¾”

White Marble: Bright and stunning, especially in the sunshine

  • Sizes: ¾”

Stone Veneer: We carry a range of high-quality, naturally-colored stone thin veneers from MS International. Select a color and finish that matches your yard for a seamless aesthetic.

Sands & Gravel

Crushed Bluestone (3/4″ Clean): Consistent grey-blue color

Crushed Bluestone (3/8″ Clean): Consistent grey-blue color

Trap Rock:  1″ – 1.5″ Clean

Recycled Concrete (CC-2, Crushed)- This durable and cost-effective  option is made of crushed concrete recycled from previous structures

Quarry Process (DGA, QP, ¾ clean QD mix) – A combination of small, 3/4-inch-or-less crushed stone and stone dust. Compact it to create a strong, solid surface.

Concrete Sand (Bedding Sand): Aggregate sands from rock and stone crushed at the quarry, washed, and screened for quality to ensure there are no large rocks included. Great as a base layer for pavers.

Mason Sand (Fine): A finer version of concrete sand. Uniform grains so it can be used in cement or as a substitute for beach sand.

Gravel & Sand Calculator

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