Soil is the true foundation to every landscape. It creates a hospitable habitat for your greenery to thrive and a structure for your yard. Whether you’re looking to build a fertile plot for your favorite plants or level an uneven ground for your children to play, our team can help you determine the right soil for your project.

  • Screened Topsoil: Topsoil refers to the top six to ten inches of soil. It’s less compact, has a higher organic matter content, a darker color, better tilth and includes earthworms, bacteria and fungi, making it excellent for plant growth. The best topsoil has the right texture, organic matter, content, pH and soluble salts. Our topsoil is screened to remove debris, leaving you with the ultimate quality for your yard.
  • Compost: Compost is a beneficial supplement to your soil for many reasons. The right compost can help your soil retain nutrients, water, air and a neutral pH. It acts as a superfood for the earthworms and other microbial life that are essential to your soil. And, it also protects plants from common diseases and the effects of drought.
  • Fill Dirt
  • Garden Soil: A blended mix of our compost and topsoil – works well for gardens!


For over thirty years, we have been delivering horse manure to local homeowners, gardeners, landscapers and nurseries.  Composted horse manure is ideal for conditioning soils in flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, planting grass or sod, and mulching. Derived from a blend of clean, organic materials, including; stable bedding and sawdust, horse urine and manure. Raw materials are stacked into huge, moist piles, which are turned regularly to promote aerobic composting.  The natural biological activity causes the piles to heat up to over 160ºF, killing weed seeds, roots, and pathogens. Horse Manure Compost is a biologically active product that builds healthy soil and healthy plants.

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